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Junior Kobudo Weapons Starter Pack

Junior Kobudo Weapons Starter Pack

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Preferred Nunchaku Colour

This pack is perfect for students enrolling on Kazoku Ju jitsu's Junior Kobudo Programme, and contains all the equipment needed for the first two years of training.

The pack includes:

  • 1x foam nunchaku with string
  • 1x wooden bokken
  • 1x plastic saya (scabbard for the bokken) 
  • 1x wooden staff.

The size of weapons supplied will be appropriate for the student's height. Shorter students may receive a 4' staff, taller students may require a 5' or even 6' bo. Bokken come in two sizes, and the best size will be provided by your instructor. Nunchaku colour may vary depending on availability.

When you have ordered, please email to let us know your/your child's height.

Note: Weapons should not be carried around uncovered in public. Weapons cases are available for purchase elsewhere on the Pro Shop, or please speak to your instructor.

Shipping & Returns

Orders will be delivered in class by your instructor

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